“Turn Vision into Reality” – Rehm is exhibiting using a new exhibition booth at productronica 2017

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In 2017, Rehm will again be one of the exhibitors in Munich, and be presenting innovative thermal system solutions at the productronica from 14 to 17 November. This year, particular emphasis will be placed on smart data. In addition to the systems, Rehm, among others, will be demonstrating the new ViCON software with touch control and presenting first solutions for the “The Hermes Standard” interface. A new stand design will also breathe new life into events over the course of the trade fair. See for yourself – in Hall A4, booth 335!

Rehm system highlights at the productronica 2017
The VisionXP+ Vac for reflow convection soldering with or without a vacuum is even more efficient! The system is available with new, digital EC fan motors, which are not only quieter and more sustainable, but also enable extensive process performance thanks to real-time recording of all relevant operational data. The focus continues to be also on energy management – the system consumes less than 10 kWh of electricity when in operation. Here, the optimum distribution of the gas flow in the segmented cool area substantially contributes to saving energy.

The VisionXC will also be presented at the trade fair in the form of the ViCON Edition. With this system, Rehm has responded to the needs of the market. This new complete solution offers a high-quality system technology combined with high-quality equipment, as well as the new, modern ViCON software including the ViCON App for mobile system monitoring. The ideal package – whether you are starting out or a seasoned pro!

The CondensoXC reflow condensation soldering system is best suited for laboratory applications, small production lines or prototyping. The system is a top performer, therefore it plays a huge part in the process despite having a space-saving design. The patented injection principle, supplies the process chamber with exactly the right quantity of Galden® for optimal profiling. Thanks to the closed-loop filter system, virtually 100 percent of the medium can be recovered. The system is fully suitable for vacuum and has an integrated process recorder for optimum traceability.

The new Nexus contact soldering system is suitable for pore-free and flux-free soldering in a vacuum at up to 450 °C with a variety of process gases. The wet-chemical activation with formic acid is available as an option. It is possible to use lead-free or lead-containing preforms and pastes. Nexus is used in advanced packaging and power electronics.

Rehm presents suitable equipment also to analyse the reliability of sensitive electronics under extreme temperatures. Securo Minus is used for reliable cold function tests and checks the suitability of electronic components at winter temperatures among other things. The electronic components are exposed to cold air or nitrogen at low temperatures of up to –55 °C in the system. The system can be combined with other measuring equipment.

Rehm is also continually refining our systems engineering for selective conformal coatings. The Protecto coating system protects sensitive electronic modules from damage caused by aggressive environmental influences. At the trade fair, Rehm will be presenting two equipment variants for different manufacturing environments, including the ProtectoXC for flexible coating processes, even at low throughput, as well as the ProtectoXP Longboard for processing large circuit boards up to 1.5 m in size.

Towards the “Smart Factory” with ViCON and Hermes
System technology does not only focus on technological progress, but also relates to their control and networking. With ViCON, Rehm is creating clever software for intuitive touch operability of the VisionX series. This lets you, for example, log all values, or collect and analyse alarms etc., to avoid errors, improve soldering processes and document for optimum traceability. In addition to the basic software, Rehm is developing additional features, to increase efficiency, including the ViCON Analytics monitoring tool, the ViCON Connect remote manager for monitoring the entire Rehm machinery and the ViCON App, which lets the operator keep an eye on production in a mobile way.

The entire production process must be networked before setting up a “smart factory”. Rehm and various other suppliers have worked together and introduced a manufacturer-independent interface for communications between all machines of a production. “The Hermes Standard” enables circuit boards to be logged through all stations of the production process (printers, transport, placement machines, AOI systems, soldering systems, etc.), with complete traceability and without any loss of data. It is intended that the tool will replace the usual SMEMA standard. At the trade fair, we will be very happy to provide visitors with more detailed information about these new software options.

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