Toshiba Launches IoT Development Kit for Design of Bluetooth® Enabled Wearables

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7006_HRESToshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has announced a comprehensive development kit that provides the hardware and software needed to create wearable devices that handle multiple sensor inputs. The EBTZ1041-SK-A1 ‘starter kit’ supports the prototyping of highly integrated IoT wearable applications featuring the Toshiba TZ1000 ApP Lite™ family of IoT processors.
Toshiba’s new kit incorporates the company’s TZ1041MBG ‘sensor hub’ application processor. This processor is based on a high-performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M4F processor and acts as a hub to collect, process and store data from multiple sources. It then transfers the raw or processed data to external devices such as smartphones and tablets using an integrated Bluetooth® wireless communication function. The EBTZ1041-SK-A1 evaluation board combines the TZ1041MBG processor with an Arduino UNO R3-compatible header that allows developers to connect to commercially available Arduino shields. In addition to the integrated Bluetooth®, a dedicated header to connect to Toshiba’s TC32306 single-chip RF transceiver further supports sub-GHz wireless communications. An on-board CMSIS-DAP debug interface is provided as standard. Alternative debuggers can be connected via the board’s 9-pin SWD connector.
Toshiba’s TZ1041MBG allows peripheral devices and sensors – for example MEMS sensors such as atmospheric pressure sensors and moisture sensors – to be connected via various integrated USB, UART, SPI, I2C and 12-bit ADC interfaces. Other external sensors can be directly connected to the three input channels of the device’s integrated 24-bit high-resolution ΔΣADC – this allows for accurate measurement of biomedical signals including pulse rates and electrocardiograms.

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