Thalia’s IP reuse platform joins Cadence Connections EDA Program

by donpedro

Thalia Design Automation, an IP reuse company and expert in the development and deployment of automation solutions for analog and mixed-signal IP reuse, today announced it has joined the Cadence® Connections® EDA Program enabling Cadence customers to benefit from cost and time savings when using the Thalia AMALIA IP reuse platform to migrate to new technologies.

The Cadence Connections program encourages interoperability and open industry standards, collaborating with software suppliers worldwide to enhance the value in using Cadence products. Partners are chosen based on seamless product interoperability with Cadence solutions throughout the design flow.

Thalia’s AMALIA IP reuse platform comprises three key elements that align with Cadence workflow – the Circuit Porting capability, the Design Enabler and the Technology Analyzer.

The combination of the Thalia AMALIA platform and Cadence design solutions presents designers and system developers with a powerful combination of tools to make maximum use and reuse of their valuable analog IP.

AMALIA Circuit Porting improves the return on investment of an IP portfolio, enabling the designer to port designs with confidence of their suitability for new nodes or process technologies. Operating in the familiar Cadence Virtuoso® environment, Circuit Porting makes it possible to transfer even large, complex circuits quickly and easily, eliminating the typical complexities and pitfalls.

Also, part of the AMALIA IP Reuse Platform, Thalia Design Enabler software uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to save developers up to 50 percent more time and resources when centering designs after migrating from one technology to another. It quickly identifies the minimum set of devices needed to adjust the design the tool, reducing the number of changes required in layout while improving performance.

The AMALIA Technology Analyzer qualifies IP intended for the migration to a new technology. By comparing base and target technologies, Technology Analyzer enables Thalia IP Reuse platform users to not only select the best technology for the project, but to keep costs under tight control.

“Our platform meets the Cadence Connections program objectives and complements Cadence’s Intelligent System Design solutions and services. Together, we’re offering mutual customers a new methodology to facilitate IP reuse via advanced design migration techniques,” said Sowmyan Rajagopalan, Thalia Design Automation CEO.

To learn more about Thalia’s Technology Analyzer, download the white paper at


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