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The compact LCD display DOGS164-A, which ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY developed especially for low-power handheld devices, is only 2 mm thick. With external compact dimensions of 40 x 33 mm, it even offers space for four lines with 16 characters, each 3.2 mm high. Optionally, you can also select 2 x 16 double-size characters or a mixed display with one large and two small lines.

The panel is part of the world’s most comprehensive LC display series, which is operated directly at 3.3 volts and requires no additional auxiliary voltage. Its typical current consumption amounts to 440 µA. Three high-contrast LC techniques are available: Reflective and transflective FSTN with white background and transmissive STN with blue background. The latter two variants can be combined with LED lighting modules in tri-color (green, red, white) or monochrome amber. The backlight is also connected directly to 3.3 V by means of a series resistor. It is designed for a current ranging from 3 to 45 mA. The display contrast is adjustable by command. The viewing direction can be changed from bottom view to top view, for example for installation in the front of a laboratory power supply.

Even with backlighting, the installation of the display can be carried out quickly and easily. Display and lighting modules are simply plugged together and soldered directly into the circuit board. Additional fixings are not necessary.

The SSD1803A controller is integrated in the display together with three different character sets (English-Japanese, European, Cyrillic). These sets can be expanded by eight user-defined characters. Communication takes place either via 3- or 4-wire SPI or 2-wire I²C.

The DOGS164-A is designed for ambient temperatures between -20 and +70 °C during operation, and its storage temperature ranges from -30 to +80 °C.

All panel variants are available for orders starting with one unit. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY guarantees a very long availability of up to ten years.

At you can download a free simulator. All versions and colours of the display can be tested on a Windows PC before purchase. An USB test board with extensive Windows software is available allowing an easy start. In this way, even your own texts can be immediately displayed on the connected display. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY also supports developers by providing comprehensive support and a large amount of C and microcontroller code.


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