Sonel KT-160 – Thermal imager

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During exploitation of different devices we can often face faults, which detected and diagnosed early allow to save time and money spent on expensive repairs. Many damages could be avoided if the faults, not visible with bare eye, were detected – overheating devices and installations, exceeded temperatures of objects, which are not allowed to be touched during exploitation.
Likewise location of heat leakages, connected with buildings insulation and failures made during construction works – example thermal bridges – can bring savings. This proves that investment in a device, which allows to see the invisible is worth being made.

Thermography is technique which allows to transform infrared radiation, which is heat emitted by different objects, to visible image. With this, temperature distribution on surface of examined object can be evaluated in a non-contact method. This is important in inaccessible or dangerous places, where temperature measurement has to be done and also allows to check temperature on surfaces of different sizes.
In many cases, performing of just one thermogram allows to evaluate if there is a problem with device or installation. It can be checked quickly if repair or construction was made properly and thanks to early evaluation of devices, servicing can be planned.
Thermovision can be used in different fields – most often in power industry and civil engineering. The popularity of thermal imagers made them inexpensive and easy-accessible.
Thermal imager Sonel KT-160 – the latest product of polish manufacturer of measuring instruments, Sonel S.A. – is handy and ergonomic device allowing for thermal images (thermograms) registration in built-in memory or on SD card. Thermal imager, Sonel KT-160, can also work in video mode using PC computer connection via USB interface – thanks to this, recording time is not limited by imager’s memory. During infrared video recording, static images can be captured at any time . Analogue video interface (PAL or NTSC) allows to connect the imager to external monitor or analogue registering device.
Thermal imager, Sonel KT-160, is fully radiometric device – it registers temperature of image’s each point (without approximation). Used Infra Fusion technology allows to observe and register thermal images, real images or combination of these images, which helps to locate measurement place. User can choose one of 8 color palettes for the best temperature projection. The image of resolution 160×120 is displayed on 3,6-inch LCD screen. The image refreshing rate is 30 times per second. On the image there are marked points with maximum and minimum temperature.
The thermograms are saved in extended *.jpg format, where the complete information on each image is stored: temperature of each image’s point, real image and voice notes. They can be also viewed with any graphic software.
Additional advantages of thermal imager, Sonel KT-160 are small weight, ergonomic and shock-resistant casing and powering from standard rechargeable batteries.
Thermal imager, Sonel KT-160 is easy to use and has a clear menu, which makes working with the imager easy even for beginning user. Software, attached as standard accessory allows to make detailed analysis of registered thermograms and prepare reports.
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