Small Innovation with a Big Effect

by donpedro

WA-SMCH Surface Mounted Cable HolderImage source: Würth Elektronik

With the WA-SMCH (Surface Mounted Cable Holder), Würth Elektronik introduces an innovative, space-saving replacement for PCB-mounted, bonded or snapped cable holders intended to accommodate cable ties. The automatically mountable and solderable holder made of tin-plated phosphor bronze offers a very stable fastening solution with a holding force up to 370 N. Cables or cable ties can be routed lengthwise or crosswise through the 10 × 6 × 2 mm component.

Subsequent manual placement of individual components in surface mounted manufactured assemblies requires additional processes and thus generates error risks and additional costs. This is where the cable holder developed by Würth Elektronik comes into its own with a lean and elegant solution: WA-SMCH is surface-mounted and thus eliminates additional processes and costs in production. WA-SMCH is available from stock without a minimum order quantity. As a special service for small quantities, Würth Elektronik offers a re-reeling service: Customers can order individual component quantities in belt sections on a reel with a minimum of 40 cm leader and trailer. Würth Elektronik also provides developers free samples on request.

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