Slim Power Relays Made in Europe

by donpedro

With the introduction of the APF relay, Panasonic Electric Works has advanced slim power relay technology to the next level.

The APF relay is intended to replace the highly successful APE relay. In conjunction with transferring the production line from China to the Czech Republic, Panasonic Electric Works redesigned the APE relay to increase reliability and lifetime. At just 5mm wide, the APF relay is an excellent candidate for high-density applications. It boasts an impressive nominal switching capacity of 8A 250V AC for resistive loads. For inductive loads, the APF relay fulfills the AC15 and DC13 criteria of IEC 60947-5-1 and can reliably switch 3A at 250V AC or 2A at 24Vdc.

The APF is available with 1 Form A or 1 Form C contact arrangements and a wide range of coil voltages from 4.5 to 60V. Of course, the relay complies with all relevant safety standards: UL, C-UL and VDE. Whether you require a slim power relay for PLC temperature control, for a compact interface unit in an industrial switching cabinet, or wherever space is an issue, the APF relay is the product of choice.

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