Sensing and intelligence at the edge become accessible to all, with Nicla Sense ME by Arduino Pro and Bosch Sensortec

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Arduino PRO and Bosch Sensortec have partnered to set a new standard for smart sensing solutions: the Nicla Sense ME is Arduino Pro’s latest product, featuring the latest generation Bosch sensors technology on the smallest form factor yet, to bring sensing and intelligence at the edge.

Featuring a 9DoF smart motion sensor and a 4DoF environmental sensor with AI capabilities, the co-branded board allows for a wide range of applications to address the different segments in the IoT market, while maintaining Arduino’s signature simplicity of integration and scalability.

The Nicla Sense ME is the first to introduce Bosch Sensortec’s BHI260AP AI sensor system with integrated motion sensor, BMM150 magnetometer, BMP390 pressure sensor, and the unique BME688 4-in-1 gas sensor with AI and integrated high-linearity and high-accuracy pressure, humidity and temperature sensors.

Its ability to sense and process so many different types of data on the edge increases autonomy and reduces latency and power consumption, offers more privacy and requires less bandwidth: it’s “a tiny board with a really great mix of sensors combined with high computational power, opening up a whole new range of applications leveraging on sensor fusion. Smart building automation, mobile and wearable devices, industrial and professional equipment are key targets”, says Adriano Chinello, Head of Arduino Pro.

Indeed, while its robust design makes the Nicla Sense ME suitable for projects that need to leverage AI capabilities on the edge, its power-saving operation and clear programming structure make it perfect for research projects, rapid prototyping and development. In fact, it has already been included in the “starter kit” provided to all teams participating in the Bosch Sensortec’s 2021 IoT Innovation Challenge, a unique online competition where students combine hardware and software tools to develop fascinating sensor-based IoT solutions.

“The Arduino Nicla Sense ME combines the hardware and software know-how in one platform and ensures high-speed time-to-market for our users. Bosch Sensortec’s self-learning AI smart motion sensor, the environmental sensor with AI capabilities and all the other sensors allow a broad range of applications to address the different segments of the IoT market. This way developing intelligent, low-power and scalable edge sensing applications is easier than ever before” says Dr. Stefan Finkbeiner, CEO of Bosch Sensortec GmbH.

Furthermore, the Sense ME – where “ME” stands for “Motion” and “Environment” – is only the first product in the new Nicla family. Aptly named after the Greek for “victory of the people”, this new, modular line of intelligent products will add to the Arduino ecosystem a new range of easy-to-use, cost-effective, versatile and accessible tools for advanced users and enthusiasts alike.

Key benefits of the Nicla Sense ME

The Nicla Sense ME is the best of two worlds in many ways. It combines low-power sensor nodes with a high-performing brain that can handle AI and machine learning on the edge. It comes with Arduino’s fast deployment and easy configuration, and Bosch Sensortec’s state-of-the-art components. It’s ready to use today but also future-proof, as it allows for additional sensors and is compatible not only with upcoming Nicla products, but also with the Arduino Pro MKR and Portenta families.

All of this in a mere 22.86×22.86 mm, making it the perfect choice for applications that require compact size and low power consumption. The Nicla Sense ME can be powered by a battery and used as a complete standalone board, or attached to an Arduino board to expand its capabilities.

From IIoT to sports equipment, from home automation to predictive maintenance, and from air quality monitoring to theft prevention systems, the small, smart Nicla Sense ME is ready to deploy constant data monitoring and AI capabilities anywhere, for anyone.

For more information visit Bosch Sensortec’s Website:

The Arduino Nicla Sense ME is now available for €59/US$70. 

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