SemiSouth announces new 1700V/1400mΩ SiC JFETs which simplify fast start-up of 3-phase power supplies

by donpedro

SemiSouth Laboratories, Inc. has announced a new 1700V/ 1400mΩ silicon carbide JFET which simplifies start up circuit design in 3-phase auxiliary power supplies. Traditional solutions either use an HV bleed resistor which results in a slow start-up at low line voltages and a high quiescent power loss, or are MOSFET-based which necessitate overload protection and can suffer from high power losses in the MOSFET under fault condition e.g. short circuit. Explains Applications Engineer, Nigel Springett: “By using a depletion mode JFET, designers can achieve a fast start-up using no extra components. Our JFETs need no extra heat sink for this application.”
The SJDT170R1400 will come in a newly developed SMD D2PAK-7L package in order to simplify PCB layout and optimize switching performance due to lower inductance. This package will have a high creepage distance of 6.85mm in order to support 1700V applications and is sized of 16×10×4.4mm.

SemiSouth Laboratories

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