SAM3S and SAM3N Cortex-M3 upgrade path for Atmel’s AT91SAMS family

by donpedro

Atmel’s new SAM3S and low-end SAM3N Cortex-M3 families are footprint and pinout compatible to AT91SAM7S devices. By replacing ARM7TDMI SAM7S by a new ATSAM3 product and adapting the firmware to functional compatible new and more powerful peripherals, you may achieve more then 50% performance increase in your MCU system. This preservers your prior made investments and gives you additional improvements in code efficiency and power consumption. SAM3S and SAM3N are available in 100-pin BGA/LQFP, 64-pin and 48-pin QFP/QFN packages and are supported each by MSC Startup bundles. SAM3S features 64 MHz Cortex-M3 processor with MPU, 12-bit ADC, 12-bit DAC, USB FS device, 4 U(S)ARTs, 2 TWI, HS SD/SDIO Interface, 6 x 16-bit timer, RTC, a new powerful motor PWM unit, CRC unit, external bus (100-pin) and much more. SAM3S will be available up to 1MByte Flash with 128K SRAM and so gives you additional code expansion options for your existing SAM7S applications.
SAM3N features 48 MHz Cortex-M3, 10-bit ADC, 10-bit DAC, 4 U(S)ARTs, 2 TWI, 6 x16-bit timer, RTC, PWM unit, Flash up to 256K with 24K SRAM and addresses low-end applications. SAM3S and SAM3N both are supported by Atmel’s free QTouch Library and offer a platform for capacitive buttons, slider and wheels.

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