Rutronik presents Starter Kits for Nordic Chips from Murata

by donpedro

MAR17-RUT-Murata-StarterKits_HFWith the new passive Starter Kits EKSM-PND51X22A-KIT and EKSM-PND52X32A-KIT, Murata offers development support for both Nordic RF chips nRF51x22 and nRF52x32. They are available at as of now.
The starter kits include all passive components for BTLE, various chip ceramic capacitors and multilayer inductors, baluns, as well as two crystals. They are reference designs for low power RFICs from Nordic Semiconductor, allowing developers to design many applications in the fields of home automation, sensors, remote controls and IoT. Thanks to the starter kits, developers can save time and effort for the first new board design.


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