RJ45 jack with an overall height of 9.6 mm and a height of just 4.4 mm above the PCB surface

by donpedro

Interconnector specialist SUYIN has again succeeded in employing sophisticated design and production techniques to set a new record for achieving the lowest possible overall height. The type 100362XR008XX00ZX eight-position ultra-low profile RJ45 jack for through-hole (THT) mounting has an overall height of just 9.6mm. Compared to other low-profile products available on the market that also feature drastically reduced overall heights between 11.45mm and 11.60mm, that is a true rarity. Yet there are other important differences as well. In order to also keep the mounting height on the PCB to a minimum, the new low profile RJ45 jack has been prepared for in-board mounting. As a result, due to its offset mounting position, the mounted connector only protrudes above the PCB surface by 4.4mm. Soldering tabs on the jack’s sides provide a high degree of mechanical rigidity and ensure excellent resistance to removal forces. The overall dimensions of this right-angle, EMC-shielded RJ45 jack are 18.60 x 16.68 x 9.60 (L x W x H, in mm, overall). Key electrical specifications include the guaranteed number of mating cycles, which is specified at 5,000, as well as the voltage and current capacity per contact of 110VDC / 1.5A, the contact resistance of 50mOhm (initial) and, among others, the insulation resistance of 500MOhm.

SUYIN Corporation

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