Preventing outages due to climate change

by donpedro

High temperatures lead to failures or reduced life expectancy of standard PC components. Applications such as point of information systems used outdoors are often exposed to direct sunlight and higher temperatures. Climate change will further aggravate the situation in the future. In order to prevent failures, products with an extended temperature range must be used. ICP Germany offers various Mini PCIe add-on cards from Cervoz for applications that require an increased temperature range. Among others, for serial communication the double RS-232 MEC-COM-M212, the quadruple RS-232/422/485 MEC-COM-M334 and the double USB 3.0 MEC-USB-M102 interface card. For network communication, the dual Gigabit Ethernet card MEC-LAN-M102 and the WLAN card MEC-WIFI-M432B-H. For the connection of storage media, the dual SATA interface card MEC-SAT-M102, which also supports RAID mode 0 and 1. Up to a temperature of +85 °C, all cards listed above can be used. In addition to these add-on cards, ICP Germany also offers suitable solid state disks, embedded boards and embedded PCs with an extended temperature range.

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  • RS-232/422/485 Mini PCIe Interface Card
  • USB3.0 Mini PCIe interface card
  • SATA/RAID Mini PCIe Interface Card
  • Dual-GbE LAN Mini PCIe Interface Card
  • WLAN Mini PCIe interface card


  • embedded system
  • panel PC
  • display systems
  • Cash register systems, Point of Sale
  • point of information

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