Powerbox’s S-CAP BOOST selected by the electronics Industry as one of the most significant products of the year!

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AspenCore’s EDN announces the 2018 EDN Hot 100 celebrating the electronics industry’s most significant products of the year based on innovation, usefulness, and popularity. Readers and editors of EDN, an electronics community for engineers by engineers, have selected the Hot 100 list of products across 10 categories representing the electronics industry and the most innovative technologies. Fittingly, in the category ‘Power’ Powerbox’s 29F-54V-60A UPS module, based on the company’s innovative S-CAP BOOST technology has been selected and recognized.

“I was particularly intrigued when I saw Powerbox’s development of a supercapacitor boost technology called S-CAP BOOST in 2018. Supercaps are well known for their backup and quick peak power capabilities, however, with the addition of intelligent control and monitoring, Powerbox designers released a very interesting 2500W backup solution for demanding industrial applications.” said Steve Taranovich, Editor-in-chief, Planet Analog and Senior technical editor at EDN Analog and Power. “This is a perfect product for this kind of fast backup application that can save data and prevent damage to equipment, something that Lithium Ion or other battery solutions cannot achieve.”

Critical applications operating in hostile or confined environments are strictly regulated in terms of chemical and other hazardous risks, reducing or forbidding certain type of batteries such as Lithium Ion. For safety reasons, those applications must have a power backup long enough to run alarms and safety shutdown processes. In such arduous conditions conventional batteries are replaced by supercapacitor banks whose values could be from few Farads to 200 Farads for general applications, but up to container size in the case of large systems. S-CAP BOOST technology tightly controls vital parameters, from a single 2.8V cell supercapacitor to a wide range of assemblies delivering a specific voltage and energy required for a given application.

“We are honored to be recognized by the leading media, AspenCore’s EDN for our long terms efforts to support our customers with innovative power solutions for demanding applications.” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Powerbox’s Chief Marketing and Communication Officer. “The number of applications requiring emergency backup or high peak current is growing, and integrating supercapacitors within power supplies is becoming an extremely reliable and well suited option to be considered by system architects. Powerbox’s S-CAP BOOST is a great platform for the future and we foresee an impressive number of applications for supercapacitor energy storage technology, and not only for electrical vehicles.”

Powerbox – A COSEL Group Company | www.prbx.com

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