Panasonic Industry Europe introduces a new High Vibration Acceleration-resistant Power Choke Coil

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In an ever growing market for environmentally friendly and energy efficient cars the electrification of the automotive sector is progressing. More and more electric motors and therefore Electric Control Units (ECUs) are being integrated into vehicles to improve efficiency and comfort. To achieve a compact and resilient solution the number of ECUs that are mounted within the engine itself is increasing. As a consequence the components of these ECUs require a high-temperature rating, support large current and have to sustain severe vibration conditions.

Especially for these requirements Panasonic Industry introduces a new Power Choke Coil with high resistance to heat and vibration in addition to the support for large current. Thanks to the use of ferrous alloy magnetic material, the new ETQP5M2R5YSK provides an excellent inductance stability even at high bias current input and over a broad temperature range up to 150°C. The new Power Choke Coil is AEC-Q200 qualified and features a low audible buzz noise. With its resistivity of 50 G or higher vibration acceleration it is the perfect application for automotive use in ECUs placed in the engine itself and mechanical-electrical-integrated ECUs. Also it is suitable as noise filter for various drive circuitry which require high temperature operation and peak current handling capabilities. Similarly Boost-Converter and Buck-Converter DC/DC applications are a suitable operation purpose.


Name Case Size (LxW) mm Inductance * DC Resistance (at 20°C) ** Ratet Current ***
ETQP5M2R5YSK 8.5 x 8.0 2.45 uH 7.4 mΩ 12.0A


*Measured at 100 kHz
** Typical value
***DC current which causes temperature rise of 40K. Parts are soldered by reflow on four-layer PWB (1.6 mm FR4) and measured at room temperature

Vibration durability conditions

Vibration Acceleration 50G(490 m/s2)
Frequency 5~2000Hz
Amplitude 5mm max.
Vibration directions, number of times (Time) X, Y, Z directions, 108 times (equivalent to 100 h)
Temperature 150°C (including product’s self-heating when energized)



  • Electric Pump Input Filter
  • Electric Fan Motor Input Filter
  • Direct Injection Input Filter / Boost Choke
  • Breaking System Input Filter
  • EGR Input Filter
  • Electric Compressor Input Filter
  • EPS Input Filter
  • Start & Stop Buck-Boost & Input Output Filter
  • Body Electric System Input Filter

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