Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway for the Internet of Things

by donpedro

The new UG87 from ICP Deutschland features IP67 all-round protection and up to 16 simultaneous channels. This enables the gateway to be used outdoors and to receive data from Class A and Class C devices within a range of max. 10 km and to pass it on to data centres. Inside, a 64-bit ARM Cortex-A53 operates with 800 MHz clock rate. The UG87 is equipped with 512MB DDR RAM and 8 GB eMMC memory and has an M.2 slot to expand the memory with SATA based SSDs. The network port supports 10/100/1000 Base-T and is PoE capable. As a powered device, the UG87 consumes a maximum of 8.2 watts. If no PoE voltage is available, 9~48 VDC or 220 VAC versions are available. GPS for localization and high-precision time synchronization are available as standard. Optionally, the UG87 offers the option of retrofitting mobile radio according to 3G/4G LTE standard and Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac. The UG87 supports a variety of network protocols such as MQTT, TCP, UDP, VPN tunnels such as OpenVPN, DMVPN, access authentication such as CHAP, PAP, firewall functionality and management options. The UG87 is mounted either directly on a wall or on a mast and can be operated in a temperature range from -40 to +70 °C. The UG87 can also be operated in a temperature range from -40 to +70 °C. The UG87 can also be mounted directly on a wall or on a mast. From the sensor to the cloud, the UG87 offers system integrators a wide range of options for bringing their data into the cloud.


  • Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway
  • Up to 16 simultaneous channels
  • Up to 10km range
  • Backhaul connection (Ethernet, WiFi, 3G/4G mobile radio)
  • Compatible to LoRaWAN Class A and C
  • GPS for high-precision time synchronization
  • MQTT transmission
  • IP67 waterproof housing for outdoor use


  • IoT-Applications
  • SMART City
  • SMART- Infrastructure
  • Sensor to Cloud
  • SMART Agriculture

Product link: https://www.icp-deutschland.de/industrie-pc/kommunikations-produkte/gateway/lorawan/
Datasheet: https://files.icp-deutschland.de/produkte/KC002200/web/icp/UG87-Outdoor-LoRaWAN-Gateway-datasheet-20191202.pdf

ICP Deutschland

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