Omron launches new lighting control relay

by donpedro

Omron Electronic Components Europe is addressing lighting control with two new energy saving latching relays featuring the capacity to handle the high inrush

currents associated with this application.
The new Omron G5RL U/K latching relays are also ideal for movement control, smart meter, power line switching and PV inverter applications. Latching relays are only energised while switching and use less power than non-latching designs in most applications.
Commenting, Fabrizio Petris, Global Application Oriented Team Manager – Building Automation, at Omron said, “Capacitors used in fluorescent lamps as starters and in parallel to LED drivers lead to particularly high inrush currents in lighting circuits. Omron’s new latching relays are a great switching solution for this and other energy management applications, offering probably the best price performance on the market.” Both the G5RL-U and the G5RL-K can switch up to 16A and are capable of dealing with inrush currents of up to 150A. Both are offered in SPST-NO form, and are approved to a VDE standard demanding resistance to over 150A inrush. They also carry UL TV-8, a standard that exposes components to 117A inrush currents. The G5RL-U features a single coil whilst the G5RL-K has a double coil architecture. An SPDT version is also available, though the specifications for this device are lower.


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