New TerraE Brand Enters Lithium-Ion Market

by donpedro

The BMZ Group proudly introduces TerraE as a global brand offering highest quality lithium-ion-cells worldwide. TerraE’s Executive Managers, Engineers and Technicians define specifications for battery cells, which are manufactured accordingly on existing lines by tier-one suppliers in Asia under the brand TerraE. Highest quality TerraE cells are produced using advanced materials. TerraE’s state-of-the-art production lines are best in class including advanced process control.

TerraE lithium-ion cells have excellent power density and longevity and low self-discharge. The TerraE range will ensure the right fit for all applications. TerraE cells are cylindrical and available in various sizes known and widely used in the industry.

In almost every size two main chemistries can be found: NMC/NCA and LFP. The NMC/NCA chemistry TerraE cells are also available both as:

  • High energy – showing high energy density and long cycle life, used e.g. in electric vehicles and energy storage
  • High power – capable for high charge and discharge rates, used e.g. in power tools applications

The soon upcoming TerraE 18650 32P model combines high power and high capacity. Thus with TerraE 18650 32P the need to make a choice between those two performance features ends.

TerraE cells are produced by leading battery cell manufacturers. Large quantities as well as small volumes can be supplied. Many well known international customers are already successfully using TerraE for a wide range of applications such as energy storage systems, electric vehicles, e-bikes, garden and power tools, medical equipment or home and industrial applications. TerraE is desingned for the ongoing evolution in lithium-ion technology.

Further information on the TerraE cells is available at

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