New interlock switches represent major step in ensuring machine safety

by donpedro

Keyence has once again demonstrated its commitment to quality and innovation through the introduction of a new range of safety interlock switches suitable for a broad spectrum of machine safety applications.

Available in mechanical locking and non-contact versions, the GS series combines ultra-compact size with innovative design and robust build which makes it easy to design into or retrofit to any machine.

The locking type negates the possibility of unintended or unauthorised access to hazardous areas, and costly machine stoppage, by locking these units during machine operation. Meanwhile, the non-contact type confirms closure of all access points during machine operation, triggering appropriate machine stoppage measures if any doors are opened. Both models have built-in mounting holes and so can be directly mounted to a machine frame. They can also be rotated by 90° to the left or right in order to work with any hinge or sliding door.

Each unit is compact in size and robust in construction, with highly visible indicators to indicate the status of the door: open/closed and locked/unlocked. Direct, flexible installation is achieved through a variety of dedicated brackets, while an articulated actuator helps provide forgiveness in alignment compared to conventional models.

Additional features include: built-in cascading of multiple units; additional I/O for monitoring; a dedicate handle; lock-out/ tag-out function; flexible unit coding; auxiliary release; escape release; IP69K rating; 2000N holding force; and compliance with the PLe safety level as defined in ISO13849-1.

Jack Humar, Product Sales Manager, Factory Automation at Keyence, explained: “This is a game changing product for the safety door switch arena – which has seen little to no innovation from existing manufacturers in the last 10 years. A totally new actuator design for long life, highly visible indicators to easily understand the current status and the very slim size to allow easy integration on any machine really brings this product category into the 21st century.”

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