New at Mouser: TE Connectivity/Laird External DBA6171Cx 5G/4G Indoor/Outdoor Blade Antennas for IoT and Gateway Applications

by gabi

Mouser Electronics, Inc., the industry’s leading New Product Introduction (NPI) distributor with the widest selection of semiconductors and electronic components™, is now shipping the DBA6171Cx 5G/4G indoor/outdoor blade antennas from TE Connectivity / Laird External Antennas. These rugged, omnidirectional antennas are ideal for fixed wireless access devices, private cellular networks, and light Industrial IoT applications.

The TE Connectivity / Laird External Antennas DBA6171Cx blade antennas, available from Mouser Electronics, are sleek and ruggedized 5G/4G antennas offering stellar performance for bandwidth from 617 MHz to 6000 MHz and are ready for future 5G rollouts up to 7 GHz. Designed with firm SMA connector resistance to prevent connector loosening in harsh industrial or factory environments like high vibration or humidity, the DBA6171Cx 5G/4G blade antennas also feature an articulating/hinged/swivel connection, providing virtually limitless installation and mounting options in both IP67 (outdoor) and non-rated (indoor) configurations.

The DBA6171Cx 5G/4G indoor/outdoor blade antennas are ideal for IoT or gateway device applications requiring a sleek design aesthetic, featuring slender dimensions (0.98 x 0.37 x 7.24in.), robust performance (0.0-dBi to 4.4-dBi maximum peak gain) and a wide operating temperature range (-40 to +85°C, -22 to +158°F).

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