Murata Power Solutions extends point-of-load series to include 3A and 5A SIP packages

by donpedro

Murata Power Solutions announced the OKX series of miniature non-isolated single output DC/DC converters designed for embedded point-of-load (PoL) applications. Within the OKAMI OKX series there are 4 models that provide 3A or 5A outputs with either 5V or 12V nominal inputs. Complementing the existing OKY range of surface mounted PoL converters available from Murata Power Solutions, the new OKX-T/3 and OKX-T/5 series additions are packaged in a popular space-saving 5-pin single-in-line package (SIP). Design engineers now have a choice of package format depending on available board space and application requirements. Measuring just 22.9 × 10.2 × 7.1mm, the SIP package meets Distributed-Power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) specifications and is designed as a drop-in replacement for other DOSA-compliant parts.
These highly efficient converters, typically 94.5% at 3.3Vout, and capable of driving ceramic capacitive loads up to 1,000 uF, have tight load regulation making them ideal for powering applications such as FPGAs and DSPs.
The output voltage is programmable from 0.75 to 3.63VDC for the 5Vin part, and up to 5VDC for the 12Vin part.

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