Murata launches world’s first MLCC on interposer substrate

by donpedro

Murata announced mass production of the first monolithic ceramic capacitor (MLCC) on a interposer substrate. Believed to be the world’s first MLCC to have this construction technique, the ZRA series has been designed specifically to absorb mechanical vibration generated within the capacitor, typically sounding as “squealing”, when a voltage is applied to it.
“Squealing” has become an industry issue especially in the design of power supply circuits of consumer applications such as laptops, smartphones and digital cameras. The PCB can amplify the audio noise generated by the capacitor, so by using an interposer substrate the MLCC becomes mechanically isolated from the PCB. Tests conducted by Murata have indicated as much as a 20 dB reduction in audio noise measured at 3 kHz when compared against a traditionally constructed MLCC.
The ZRA series currently comprises 22 uF 6.3 WV values with X5R temperature rating in both 0804 and 0906 formats. More capacitance values, in the range 1 to 22 uF, will be added shortly.


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