Microchip strengthens parallel Flash memory portfolio with high-speed, low-power devices

by donpedro

Microchip announces the expansion of its comprehensive Multi-Purpose Flash Plus (MPF+) portfolio with the introduction of four new compact 512K x16 parallel Flash CMOS devices: the SST39V F401C, SST39F402C, SST39LF 401C and the SST39LF402C. Manufactured with high-performance CMOS SuperFlash® technology, these low-power, 2.7-3.6V, x16 parallel NOR Flash devices feature a split-gate design and thick-oxide tunnelling injector for superior reliability and design simplicity. All four devices help to reduce engineering design cycles, and improve overall product performance and responsiveness, which enables an enhanced end-user experience.
Offering a number of advanced features, the SuperFlash technology within the SST39VF401C/402C and SST39LF401C/402C guarantees fixed programme and erase times that do not deteriorate over time. The devices also achieve active current as low as 5 mA (typical) and standby current of 3 microamperes (typical) to extend battery life in accessories, sensors and battery-operated equipment. These features make them ideal for consumer electronics, industrial devices, automotive, telecommunications equipment and embedded systems requiring low-cost and versatile updating of programme or data memory.

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