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Under the motto “Check-In to the Smart Factory”, technology leader ASM Assembly Systems will present innovative solutions for all areas of modern electronics production at the 2017 Productronica trade show. With the company’s “Quick Factory Check”, visitors can compare the processes in their own plants with those in award-winning smart factories and identify the workflows that will have the greatest potential impact on costs, efficiency and quality. New products being rolled out include improved SIPLACE TX high-speed placement modules and SIPLACE placement heads, a new JEDEC tray feeder, and innovations like the ASM Production Planner, Offline Printer Programming, Onboard PCB Inspection, Touchless Placement, or SIPLACE Command Center. With the HERMES and ADAMOS initiatives, ASM also underscores its trailblazing role in open data integration and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). ASM will also show for the first time a complete solution chain for advanced packaging that enables electronics manufacturers to enter an attractive growth market. As a supplement to its booth at the Munich Trade Fair Centre, ASM will show off additional process innovations in the SMT Center of Competence at its Munich headquarters.

Standalone solutions for machines and lines, setup preparation areas, warehousing and other central operations in electronics plant block the way to the smart SMT factory. That’s why we decided to focus on eight core processes in electronics manufacturing at this year’s Productronica: four line workflows – planning, virtual production, process optimization, and production – and four factory workflows – material management, preparation, factory monitoring, and factory integration,” explains Gabriela Reckewerth, Senior Director Global Marketing. “Productronica visitors can run our “Quick Factory Check” to analyze the status of process integration in their own plants before taking guided tours and visiting expert stations to learn more about our broad spectrum of networked and integrated solutions that enable them to improve their processes and KPIs.”

More flexible SIPLACE TX and placement heads
Even the smartest factory needs powerful equipment. That’s why the ASM booth will feature two SMT lines: one with SIPLACE TX placement modules for high-volume applications like mobile phones, computers or LEDs, and one with SIPLACE SX placement modules for high-mix applications with small lot sizes and frequent product changeovers.

First-hand information: Customers demonstrate optimized core processes
Smart, consistently optimized and heavily automated workflows provide the greatest efficiency benefits in modern electronics production. That’s why technology leader ASM provides visitors of its booth with a process-oriented look at its extensive portfolio of solutions and its many innovations. In eight core processes, ASM will demonstrate how the right combination of hardware of software can automate and improve processes.

The focus will be on four line workflows (planning, virtual production, process optimization, and production run) and four factory workflows (material management, preparation, factory monitoring, and factory integration). As for another feature making it special, ASM’s rolled out its “SMT Smart Network” last year, a global group of reference plants that work closely with ASM’s experts to improve production processes and implement the smart SMT factory. Reference of these smart reference plants will be present at the ASM booth to convey first-hand information about their workflow solutions and their impact on their respective KPIs.

Innovations for all processes
For all eight workflows, ASM will present innovations that make users’ processes more effective and efficient. Two examples from workflow planning are the ASM Production Planner and Offline Printer Programming. With the ASM Production Planner, users can import jobs from their ERP and MES systems so that the setups can be scheduled and optimized across multiple lines with SiCluster MultiLine. With Offline Printer Programming, users can create printing programs offline and store them in a central database irrespective of specific lines and configurations. This reduces non-productive preparation time on the line as well as program selection errors. Before the programs are downloaded to the printer, the system checks automatically whether the printer’s equipment and configuration are suitable for the respective job.

Among other innovations being shown at the ASM booth are ASM Remote Smart Factory, a comprehensive and secure solution for remote support, Touchless Placement, a new process for placing highly sensitive components with a force of 0 N, and Onboard PCB Inspection, a feature that inspects PCBs for cleanliness and makes sure that solder pads were printed properly and previously placed components placed correctly before large components, BGAs and shields are placed.

Open and ready for the future: Data integration with OIB, HERMES and ADAMOS
With SIPLACE OIB as an open machine interface and HERMES as an open and modern data standard and SMEMA successor for non-proprietary communication between line components, ASM pursues a transparent data integration strategy on the shop floor.

ASM will also provide information about its participation in the ADAMOS joint venture as well as its extensive activities in the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) field.  ADAMOS AG was founded in cooperation with other major technology companies like DMG Mori, Software AG, Zeiss AG and Dürr AG to provide high-security cloud platforms and develop apps for industrial applications. The first results of these IIoT activities will be demonstrated at Productronica in the form of mobile apps for monitoring ASM machines.

Advanced packaging: Complete solution chain for a new growth market
At another station, ASM will provide information about advanced packaging, i.e. the assembly of chips into subsystems with combinations of bare dies, flip-chips and classic SMT components. ASM’s experts expect many EMS companies to expand into this lucrative growth market over the coming months and years as it displaces the semiconductor industry’s classic wire-bonding in many areas.

ASM will demonstrate solutions for the complete process chain at the Productronica, starting with extremely demanding printing and bumping processes with DEK printers and DEK E-Form stencils. At the heart of this process chain will be the extremely precise SIPLACE CA with its combined placement of bare dies and flip-chips directly from the wafer and SMT components from classic tapes. The placement process is followed by molding, singulation, testing and taping. With its ORCAS, Laser 1205 and SunBird machines, ASM Backend Solutions provides powerful and complementary equipment for these processes that has proven itself in many installations in the semiconductor industry.

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