LUNA, an All-in-One Building and Hacking Tool for USB Devices, Just Launched on Crowd Supply

by donpedro

Crowd Supply, the leading product development platform connecting hardware creators with early adopters and enthusiastic backers, announces the launch of LUNA, a multi-use tool for building, testing, monitoring, and hacking USB devices. LUNA is built using an FPGA architecture, with three high-speed USB interfaces capable of operating at rates up to 480Mbps. The versatile, all-in-one device can function as a high-speed USB protocol analyzer, USB development platform, or USB-hacking multi-tool.

LUNA, developed by Great Scott Gadgets and launched with support from Crowd Supply, features two USB Type-C connectors for device-mode communication, one Type-C connector for device-mode communication, host-mode communication, or USB analysis, and one Type-A connector for host-mode communication or USB analysis. The device includes a Microchip SAMD debug controller, which allows user configuration of the FPGA and provides several diagnostic interfaces, including a built-in USB-to-serial communications bridge for FPGA debug I/O, a user-programmable JTAG controller, and a variety of simple, built-in debug mechanisms. LUNA’s full-featured USB protocol analyzer is built using open-source tooling, allowing automatic customization for each task and supporting user-defined hardware triggering.

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About Great Scott Gadgets
Great Scott Gadgets has been putting open source tools into the hands of innovative people since 2011. Makers of Ubertooth, HackRF, GreatFET, and more, their goal is to support the community with hardware, software, and educational content released under open-source licenses, enabling other creators to build on their work and accomplish things nobody has done before.

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