Leuze electronic Sensors

by donpedro

Miniature sensors – Series 2

Three different operating principles – from scanners to photoelectric sensors

• Particularly suited for installation in constrained spaces;
• The housing, fully molded with thermoelastic elastomers (IP67), guarantees permanent protection and maximum operational reliability;
• PinPoint LED for producing a small, homogeneous and highly visible light spot that is ideally suited for the detection of small parts.

Light section sensors – LRS (Line Range Sensors)

Light section sensors for object detection via scanning along a laser line

• Large detection range: 200-800mm deep and up to 600mm wide;
• 4 switching outputs;
• Fast: 10ms response time;
• Up to 16 detection fiels with logic combination;
• Easy integration through compact construction.

Modular scanner portals – MSPi systems

Aplication-specific optimized complete systems for omnidirectional reading

• Integration of up to 32 barcode readers of BCL 500i & 501i models;
• Code reconstruction technology (CRT): Identification of soiled, turned (tilt angle) or damaged codes;
• Omnidirectional reading;
• High scanning rate 800-1200 scans/s (adjustable).

Laser distance sensors – ROD 4-50plus

Fastest laser distance sensor for area scanning object measurement

• Unbeatably fast through the use of integrated Fast Ethernet 100Mbit;
• Scanning rate 50Hz; Measurement range 65 m;
• Configuration during operation via online commands;
• Integrated measurement data processing;
• Compact construction, low weight.

Inductive switches – IS 288

Compact design with lateral detection range for space-saving integration

• Construction from Ø 6,5 mm to M30 and NEW: 8 x 8 cubic;
• Stepped scanning ranges up to 40 mm provide the correct sensor for each application;
• Switching frequencies of up to 5000Hz offer a large dynamic range.

Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices – MLD 500, 300

Transceiver systems for access guarding with and without muting

• 3-beam transceiver replaces more complex systems;
• Suitable for low temperature environments up to -30 degree C;
• Integrated muting functions for configuration by means of pin assignments;
• Simple device exchange by means of Plug& Play with no programming.

Optical distance sensors – ODSL9

High-End technology at standard prices for width measurement or assembly monitoring

• Stable measurement values even under difficult condition, such as temperature fluctuation and glossy surfaces;
• 3 operating modes (fast-precision-standard) permit fast adaptation to applications;
• Resolution of up to 0.01 mm and measurement ranges of 50-450mm are optimal for any task.

Contrast scanners – KRT 20B

Mark detection, lid orientation, glossiness distinction, small parts detection

• High-strength plastic housing with metal threaded sockets;
• Scanning range 13,5 mm;
• RGB or white light;
• Various teach-in processes;
• Teach-In with EasyTune;
• IO-Link.

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