Kontron StarVX HPEC system brings supercomputing datacenter bandwidth and performance directly to the battlefield

by donpedro

Kontron’s StarVX High Performance Embedded Computer (HPEC) system brings supercomputing I/O bandwidth and performance, previously only achieved in IT datacenters, to the battlefield. Based only on mainstream IT technology (TCP/IP, PCIe, Intel processors) for greater platform support and assured longevity, the 3U VPX-based Kontron StarVX enables military systems developers to drastically reduce the process from design to field deployment of radar, sonar, autonomous vehicles and other 3D reconstruction-based systems. Co-developed with PLX Technology, the Kontron StarVX integrates 3rd generation Intel Core processors that provide sustained 16 gigabytes per second (GB/s) speeds to/from the memory subsystem, while the Kontron 3U VPX platform architecture provides up to 6GB/s sustained bandwidth on the data plane through TCP/IP and 4GB/s on the PCIe backplane thanks to Kontron VXFabric. The result is an application-ready platform that delivers up to ten times more I/O data bandwidth that can even enhance existing TCP/IP-based unmodified applications.
The Kontron StarVX is a rugged, air or conduction-cooled 3U VPX-based system that features PCI Express (PCIe) centralized backplane interconnect at up to gen3 speed. Kontron and PLX Technology collaborated to enhance Kontron’s innovative VXFabric software, which is designed to help engineers reduce development costs by simplifying and accelerating application development of inter-CPU communication in VPX system architectures. VXFabric provides the required software between a PLX Technology PCIe Gen 3 switch and the bottom of the standard TCP/IP stack to enable boards to run any existing TCP/IP-based application without having to be modified. This approach also simplifies the migration of deployments to emerging standards such as 10 and 40 gigabit Ethernet (GbE).


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