Kontron EvoTRAC(TM) P201 data logger provides high-performance in-vehicle platform to log, manage and store large video/data files

by donpedro

Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), announced its in-vehicle EvoTRAC(TM) P201 high-performance data logger. The EvoTRAC(TM) P201 is designed to reliably collect and store large video imaging and associated data to the Cloud. In addition, the EvoTRAC(TM) P201 can be used to monitor essential in-vehicle information helping operators reduce costs and maximize fleet productivity. Easily configured, the EvoTRAC(TM) P201 provides exceptional capabilities to perform a wide variety of demanding data logging functions, such as real time video playback and in-vehicle testing. It also handles the tracking and storage of vehicle sensor and vehicle operational parameters including fuel consumption, driver behavior, driving hours and speeds, maintenance alerts and emissions data. These capabilities are key enablers in helping to advance next-generation transportation applications such as autonomous vehicles, sensor processing, artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning and other types of emerging in-vehicle systems.

The EvoTRAC(TM) P201 extends Kontron’s family of in-vehicle computers. Application-ready, this highly versatile platform delivers industry-leading performance via its integrated Intel® i7-4700EQ 4-Core processor. It easily accommodates multiple vehicle input connections in a rugged, compact environment with features that include two SFP+ 10GbE interfaces and a 2.5-inch ruggedized SSD Drive bay for up to three removable SSDs. The system also provides six 1GbE interfaces (M12 X-Coded) and six locking USB 3.0 interfaces. Its integrated in-vehicle power supply offers a wide input range and two 12VDC power outputs. For maintenance and other monitoring functions, the EvoTRAC(TM) P201 supports HDMI, GPIO and Audio interfaces. Configured with open source Ubuntu 16.04 LTS software, the platform is ready to use in a wide range of in-vehicle applications.

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