ITT Interconnect Solutions’ new PowerLock Box with Flange provides secure flush seal

by donpedro

ITT Interconnect Solutions has announced a new version of its popular PowerLock Box with a flange to provide easy and secure sealing into equipment panel cut-outs. The new PowerLock Box with Flange is available in both lidded and un-lidded versions and has an extended front panel measuring 107mm. which provides a seal around the whole box.
ITT’s PowerLock Box with Flange uses standard PowerLock connectors, with all ports keyed and colour coded for sequential mating, ensuring ground is connected first, vital in applications where fast installation is required.

Connector ports are environmentally sealed to IP65, suiting outdoor applications such as mobile generators, riverside power plants and outdoor leisure equipment, including theme park rides. Security is assured for installations accessible to the public, for example, in hospitals, factories, shops and offices, as the PowerLock Box with Flange prevents tampering and unauthorised entry to equipment.

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