IR Source for Environmental Recognition

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WL-VCSL infrared laserImage source: Würth Elektronik

Würth Elektronik launches its own infrared laser for the first time to extend its comprehensive portfolio of infrared emitters. The WL-VCSL Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser scores with its high-quality materials, high efficiency of 35 percent and almost two Watts of radiant power. Designed to emit short, high-energy pulses, the new IR laser is ideal for 3D environmental recognition solutions, for example in industrial automation or LiDAR.

The Würth Elektronik experts make use of high-quality materials in the 3.5 × 3.5 × 1.8 mm, very robust housing of the WL-VCSL: A thermally conductive ceramic substrate, gold-plated contacts and a high-quality quartz diffuser ensure a highly homogeneous radiation pattern. Two variants are available: 60° × 45° and 110° × 85° beam angles. The laser with a wavelength of 940 nm is aimed at applications in which precision is essential. The possible areas of use range from 3D recognition, LiDAR and distance measurement (time of flight) to solutions in industrial automation and robotics, through to applications in the field of biometric recognition.

Würth Elektronik will soon make a tested reference design available for pulsating controls free of charge. WL-VCSL Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser is now available from stock without a minimum order quantity. Electronics developers can request free samples.

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