Innovative solution portfolio for industrial automation, energy infrastructure, e-mobility, and railways

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T1 connector bouquet (left) and RJ45 Multifeatured ensure optimum communication for Industrial Ethernet.

The HARTING Technology Group continues to offer its customers a comprehensive and innovative solution portfolio for the Industrial Automation, Energy Infrastructure, E-Mobility and Railway sectors also in 2021. This was made clear by the management of the Technology Group at the HARTING Experts Camp Kick-Off and the annual trade press conference, taking place as a joint digital event for trade journalists and multipliers. Particular attention is being paid to “Connectivity+”, emphasized Dr.-Ing. Kurt D. Bettenhausen, Board Member for “New Technologies and Development” at HARTING.


HARTING is focused on the three global social megatrends of demographic change, (de)globalization and sustainability. These topics and closely related challenges lead us to technological megatrends such as modularization, autonomy, and digital twin technology. At the heart of these technological trends, the Technology Group sees fundamental requirements for the connectivity of the future as a necessary and unifying element. Specifically, these are key topics such as electromobility, DC power supply in industry and new ecosystems such as Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) in the field of industrial communications. “At HARTING, we are bringing these three topics together under the term Connectivity+,” emphasized Dr.-Ing. Bettenhausen.

Ethernet is the most important communication standard in industrial automation

The flexible and self-configurable har-modular® board solution (left) is setting new standards for miniaturized power and data transmission within the device.

Ethernet has become the most important communication standard in industrial automation. With rising transmission rates, space-saving infrastructure, and new physical layers such as Single Pair Ethernet, IP-based networks are now also conquering the last remaining field-level areas. “With Connectivity+, we are driving the development of innovative solutions forward for our customers, setting industry-wide standards via active committee work and bringing new technologies to market maturity in strong collaborations,” stressed Ralf Klein, Managing Director HARTING Electronics.

Customers will be able to see the latest developments in IIoT applications at the Industrial Ethernet Trends 2021 web seminar series. Attendees have access to exciting talk formats, Tech Deep Dive sessions and top-class guests in the next month.

Han® S is a safe solution for the front cabling of energy storage systems.

In another series of web seminars, customers can familiarize themselves with the latest modular PCB connectivity solutions. Live configurations of specific solutions and all you need to know about PCB connectivity will be available to all interested participants over the next few weeks at the HARTING Experts Camp.

Fast-lane developments in the energy storage market

The energy storage market has evolved extremely quickly over the last few years. Global discussions about the environmental footprint have given overall developments an additional boost. Sustainable use of renewable energies can only be achieved through energy storage systems, as they enable time-delayed, demand-oriented use of the power produced by renewable energy. Connectors speed up the assembly and operation of energy storage systems based on battery modules. “HARTING has worked with its partners to develop various applications that have been successfully established on the market, making a significant contribution to sustainability,” said Norbert Gemmeke, Managing Director HARTING Electric. The Han® S connector concept offers an optimal solution for the front wiring of energy storage systems, for example.

HARTING offers system concepts for the major trends in the railway industry.

High-speed data transmission is an important trend in the railway industry

High-speed data transmission, weight reduction and the reduction of the CO2 footprint are major trends in the railway industry. The energy distribution sector is also undergoing a highly dynamic phase at the moment. Existing demands and requirements are changing, while new ones are being added. Power density is also increasing – and systems need to be more efficient. High currents and voltages must be transmitted safely. HARTING employs system concepts that cover these needs specifically. With its “Railway Technology” web seminar series, HARTING showcases these system concepts for the major trends in the railway industry over the next few weeks as part of the HARTING Experts Camp.

Joint engineering is one of the core competencies of HARTING Customised Solutions.

Joint engineering with partners

Developing solutions in partnership is one of the core competencies of HARTING Customised Solutions and can take place in a wide variety of areas of industry. From integration in power supply units for decentralized drive technology to the design, manufacture and testing of wagon crossing cabling for the railway industry. “Joint engineering brings the strengths of all partners together. Together, we are creating efficient, sustainable and future-proof solutions,” said Christian Schumacher, Managing Director of HARTING Customised Solutions.

HARTING Experts Camp is now well-established

With its now well-established “HARTING Experts Camp” label, the connectivity specialist is providing a powerful platform for customer dialogue and communication. A wide-ranging offering of product presentations, web seminars, expert talks and much more will be on the agenda. The latest developments and solutions relating to “Connectivity for Future Technologies” will form the focus for spring 2021.

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