Indium Corporation Launches New Water-Soluble, Halogen-Free Solder Paste

by donpedro

Indium Corporation has released Indium6.6HF Solder Paste – a new water-soluble solder paste that is compatible with both SnPb and Pb-free alloys. Indium6.6HF is designed to provide exceptional stencil printing performance and minimize voiding in PCB assembly applications.

Indium6.6HF exhibits superior wetting to a variety of surface finishes resulting in the fewest voids, a reduction in the size of the largest voids, and minimized overall voiding.

Other Indium6.6HF benefits include:

  • Halogen-free per IEC 61249-2-21 test method EN14582
  • Exceptional printing process window:
    • High transfer efficiency
    • Long stencil life (up to 12 hours)
    • Excellent response-to-pause
    • Prints consistently at a wide range of speeds
  • High tack value (>8 hours) ensures consistent component holding power, allowing high-speed component placement operation
  • Cleanable up to at least 72 hours after reflow

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Indium Corporation is a premier materials manufacturer and supplier to the global electronics, semiconductor, thin-film, and thermal management markets. Products include solders and fluxes; brazes; thermal interface materials; sputtering targets; indium, gallium, germanium, and tin metals and inorganic compounds; and NanoFoil®. Founded in 1934, the company has global technical support and factories located in China, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

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