Human visual perception

by donpedro

The new SPECTRO-3-FIO series now also allows the detection of color marks with a scanning frequency of 40 kHz. With a high-power LED white light is fed into an optical fiber bundle, and via cross-section converter and attachment optics unit is projected onto the color mark to be detected as a light spot measuring 4mm × 0.7mm or 2mm × 0.2mm, or having a diameter of 0.5mm. A part of the light impinging on the color mark is scattered back into the attachment optics unit and through the optical fiber bundle is directed onto the true-color detector that recognizes the color of the object similar to human visual perception. With different attachment optics units, object distances of > 0 mm up to approx. 200 mm can be realised. Due to the use of an optical fibre the color inspection system also can be used in Ex areas without any problems. Compressed air attachment units can be provided as protection against excessive dirtying. With a Windows® user interface the color sensor can be correspondingly parameterized via RS232, USB and ETHERNET. The software also provides various evaluation methods.

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