HARTING AG Biel offers tailor-made 3D-MID solutions

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The robot hand makes clear the variety of opportunities offered by 3D-MID technology

Assistance systems, safety features or infotainment – more and more electronics are finding their way into cars. With HARTING 3D-MID technology, customers can integrate complex electronics with minimal space requirements into cars.

With many years of experience under its belt, HARTING AG Biel (Switzerland) understands the demands of the automotive industry. In close cooperation with customers, numerous projects have been successfully completed which HARTING AG produces in series. One of them is the position sensor for adaptive cruise control. Adaptive Cruise Control Systems (ACC) automatically regulate the safety distance to the vehicle in front via a sensor in the front area of the vehicle. HARTING’s MID solution reduced the size of the ACC while achieving greater precision.

Position sensor for adaptive speed control. Beside a 1-cent coin for comparison purposes.

High-tech in the vehicle interior for more safety

In cooperation with Shadow Robot Company Ltd, HARTING AG will use the Geneva Motor Show (March 7-17, 2019) to demonstrate how to achieve greater safety by integrating 3D-MID components/smart surface inside the vehicle, for example via the recognition of driver vital signs.

In addition, HARTING AG is showing a robot hand at the Geneva Motor Show in conjunction with an e-mobility solution. This hand is oriented to a human hand in size and function. It has 24 joints, 20 of which can be controlled independently. The hand is mainly used to research algorithms to simulate human gripping processes. “The robot hand makes clear the variety of opportunities offered by 3D-MID technology,” says Susanne Giehl, Managing Director of HARTING AG Biel.

HARTING AG Biel founded in 1983

HARTING AG Biel was founded in 1983 as a subsidiary of the HARTING Technology Group (based in Espelkamp, North Rhine-Westphalia). HARTING AG has two locations in Switzerland: Volketswil (marketing operations with currently 13 employees) and Biel/Bienne (6,600 sqm production floor) with currently 117 employees. The company is certified according to IATF 16949.

The HARTING team focuses on tailor-made solutions for customers worldwide. Biel/Bienne is known for its expertise in full automation, the development of integrated electronic solutions and surface coating.

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