Flat 1-U 19-inch industrial computer with one PCI Express™ slot

by donpedro

DSM Computer’s 1-U flat 96I1303-MBQM67 19-inch system offers high performance in a small space. Like all new models of the Infinity® family, the industrial computer is installed in a functional, light-gray industrial housing with an anthracite-colored flap at the front. In addition, an air filter that can be replaced from the front is installed as dust protection to permit operation in a harsh industrial environment. The Infinity® I1 industrial computer is available for installation in 19-inch cabinets or as a stand-alone device. The installation depth and height of the stable housing are only 303 mm and 44 mm, respectively. The operating elements, such as the power-supply switch, the two USB slots, the drives and the air filter are protected behind a metal door. The IPC can be supplied with or without 19-inch mounting brackets and, on request, in any desired color. The housing can be given a customer-specific company logo. As standard, the computer is delivered with a 180W power pack (100 – 240 VAC); a DC power pack (12, 24, 48 VDC) is available on request. Three 4 cm fans on the front or rear side cool the system. The operating temperature range lies between 0° and 45°C, but depending on the configuration, a temperature as high as 50° C can also be tolerated. For extensions, the 19-inch system provides a PCI Express™ x16 slot and an internal Mini PCI Express™ x1 slot for short modules. In addition to an external 5.25 inch slimline and a 3.5 inch bay, an internal 2.5 inch bay is also present. This allows, for example, the installation of two 2.5 inch SATA HDDs in the 3.5 inch removable frame or one Compact Flash drive in the 3.5 inch frame. A 250 GB 2.5 inch SATA II 300 hard disk is integrated in the housing. A DVD-RW drive (slimline) or a 2.5 inch SSD drive can be installed as an option.

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