Ercogener, the flagship of the Groupe Zekat, participates in the WEF and confirms its technology leadership in IoT through its partnership with both companies Orange and u-blox on the LTE-M network.

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Ercogener and the mechatronic division of the Groupe Zekat will participate in the WEF (World Electronic forum) on the 27 and 28 October 2017 in Angers, France. They will show their telecom technology as well as their electronic expertise. Pascal DENOEL, President of the Groupe Zekat, will be one of the top speakers and will present his vision of SMART IoT.

This event will be the opportunity for Ercogener to announce its partnership with the company Orange for the deployment of the LTE-M technology (New 4G technology adapted to the IoT market) thanks to its new range of EG-IoT products, an extension of its M2M solutions.

The EG-IoT products are robust and therefor adapted to external environments thanks to their waterproofness and shock resistance. Their embedded software was developed to save energy and to be autonomous to up to 10 years. Their compact size, without external antennas makes their installation and use easier.

The EG-IoT solutions are a concentrate of technology, some of which were patented by Ercogener. They are available in 3G, 4G, Sigfox, Lora, LTE-M, GPS, BLE, and as a physical connection, allowing the receipt of sensors information and the control of actuators. The most demanding applications as well as the simplest ones are covered by the EG-IoT range: Smart Agri, Smart Security, Smart Energy, Smart Factory & Industry 4.0, Smart Health.

The close partnership established between staff of Ercogener, Orange and the modules manufacturer u-blox allows Ercogener to be the first product manufacturer to introduce an industrialized and certified LTE-M1solution.  Ercogener therefore establishes itself as the leader in geolocation, telemetering, Industry 4.0 products.

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