element14 Community Offers Advice on Working with Transistors

by donpedro

element14.com, an Avnet community, is offering its members a new two-part eBook series dedicated to educating engineers on the fundamentals of working with transistors, the building blocks of innumerable electronic devices. Through this series, element14 Community members will learn the ins and outs of transistors.

The first eBook covers the basics of transistors and semiconductors, atomic theory, semiconductor doping, PN junctions, holes and free electrons and NPN transistor circuits.  Readers will then gain an even more in-depth understanding of transistors through the second eBook which covers topics such as transistor bias, transistor beta, saturation & cutoff and gain & impedance calculations.

To download the Transistors eBook series, and learn about the fundamentals of transistors, please visit: element14.com/ebooks


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