Color checking of structured and inhomogeneous surfaces

by donpedro

Conventional luminescence sensors that are available on the market are able to detect whether there is a fluorescent object, but they utterly fail when they should perform color differentiation of such objects! With the luminescence color sensors of the SPECTRO-3-UV series there now are sensors that apart from brightness differentiation (grey scale evaluation) also can perform color differentiation. Up to 31 different fluorescent objects can be stored in the sensor’s color memory. The color information is provided via 5 digital outputs, a serial interface also is available. Teaching of the fluorescent objects can be performed either under Windows® with the included SPECTRO3-Scope software, with the TEACH button that is integrated at the sensor, or through digital input INØ. With its compact (M34 housing) and sturdy design the sensor is excellently suited for rough industrial use. The 40 kHz scanning frequency and the 30 kHz switching frequency also guarantee a reliable detection and recognition of fast-moving fluorescent markings.

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