BIOS update enables Kaby Lake support

by donpedro

Industrial mainboards and CPU cards are usually used for five to ten years. Consequently, the boards have to work reliably over a long period of time. However, if the performance requirements increase or the applications become more complex, a complete hardware exchange is necessary. ICP Deutschland offers its customers a cost-effective and simple alternative. Via a BIOS update of certain Skylake CPU boards and cards, the support of Kaby Lake processors is realized.

So there is no need of replacing the hardware. This is possible for numerous ATX and μ-ATX motherboards as well as half- and full-size PICMG 1.3 CPU cards, which are equipped with an Intel® Q170, H110 or C236 chipset and a LGA1151 socket. With these boards various application areas such as entry-level servers, automation or high performance IPCs can be covered. The advantage of this Kaby Lake upgrade is that two types of customers benefit. The ones who want to use Skylake Boards with Windows 10 IoT in the future and those who already use the mentioned boards with a Skylake CPU. Since the BIOS update is pre-installed on the new batches and can also be carried out subsequently with boards already in use. On request, ICP also offers customer specific BIOS versions and assembles all components as Ready-to-Use systems.

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