Best-in-class power saver further improved now: Ultra Low Power SiP Nordic nRF9160 Gen2 at Rutronik

by donpedro

It doesn‘t get much more efficient than this: the compact, highly integrated SiP nRF9160 enables the straightforward implementation of low-power LTE technology and offers advanced processing and security functions for a variety of single-device with low-power designs for the cellular IoT. With the latest release, Nordic‘s already highly efficient system-in-package becomes up to 91 percent more power efficient than comparable modules on the market. The Nordic portfolio is available at

All power-saving functions, such as eDRX and PSM, receive significant improvements with the new generation, without requiring changes to the pin assignment or form factor. The Arm Cortex-M33 application processor is supported by 1 MB of flash and 256 KB of RAM, enabling advanced application development in a single device solution. It also includes a full LTE modem and RF Front End (RFFE).

For worldwide use

The integrated modem supports both LTE-M and NB-IoT and can operate globally, eliminating the need for regional variants. Thanks to different connection modes, it is possible to optimize energy consumption individually and according to requirements:

  • RRC Connected: The existing permanent network connection and constant data exchange require a higher energy input.
  • RRC Idle: Here the unit „sleeps“ shorter intervals to save energy, but is ready on demand. The download latency is shorter than the following mode.
  • PSM: The latency of downloads here is significantly longer and the unit is in sleep mode for a longer period.

High security combined with efficiency

Comprehensive protection is provided by the included Arm TrustZone, which also offers support in building solid and secure IoT applications. Arm CryptoCell complements the security package, which – optimised for low-power devices – provides even more protection through cryptographic and security resources.

Further key features:

  • Integrated GPS transmitter with different operating modes.
  • IPv4/Pv6 support, up to TCP and TLS
  • SIM and eSIM possible for connection and authentication with mobile network operators
  • Secure, encrypted Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) updates
  • Wide range of common interfaces and peripherals: 12-bit ADC, RTC, SPI, I²C, I²S, UARTE, PDM and PWM
  • Certification for LTE bands B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B8, B12, B13, B14, B17, B18, B19, B20, B25, B26, B28 and B66
  • Specially developed DevKit to optimize time-to-market

For more information about the SiP Nordic nRF9160 Gen2 and a direct ordering option, please visit our e-commerce platform at


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