At CODICO: Focus on – The ever shrinking world of POE from SILVERTEL

by donpedro

These two series of modules are respectively the smallest POE 12W IEEE802.3af and POE+24W IEEE802.3at PD solutions in the world. As POE becomes ever more widely adopted, it is being used in a broader range of applications than ever before. Industrial control & automation, IP cameras, IP audio, HD audio visual (including HD BaseT) and access control are all areas where POE usage has been dramatically increasing. However, there are a number of these types of applications that require 24V as opposed to the more standard 12V or 5V typically used by devices deriving power from POE.
With POE being an inherently safe technology from a voltage distribution point of view (typically at 48V – so well below the SELV limits), it is clear that this has additional benefits when used in IoT, audio visual applications and household devices. With no mains voltages present, and no mains wiring needed, device or product installations are both inherently safe, simple and relatively low cost to carry out, with simple CAT5/6 cabling all that is required. When looked at in relation to the new IEC/EN60335 and IEC/EN62368 standards (successor of the currently valid IEC/ EN60950), POE power distribution at a nominal 48V is extremely advantageous cost wise and respectively in terms of ease of design for safety and meeting the requirements of these new standards. With all SILVERTEL’s modules rigorously designed to include 1.5kV impulse isolation to meet IEEE and safety regulations you can be assured that your product will be able to pass the requirements of the new standards.

The tiny, ultra-miniature Ag9900M series POE PD module is truly the smallest POE module and POE solution in the world. The addition of a 24V option means the advantages of this new technology are now available to every possible POE application and designer. Significantly smaller in footprint than is possible using discrete component design, (and 40% smaller even than the Ag9800M series) yet capable of delivering up to 12W of power, while rated for up to 9W at 85°C, it packs an incredible performance into the smallest of spaces.
Similarly, for Ag5324, with the only other 24V POE+ module (Ag5100) available from SILVERTEL being around 35% more expensive and 100% bigger footprint, the new module clearly provides significant advantages. Following the Ag9900M SILVERTEL focusses on their core competencies miniaturisation and cost optimization.
The full Ag9900 series is accessible at CODICO and now includes 3.3V, 5V, 12V and 24V options. Each of these is also available in an over-temperature protected power de-rated (9W @ 12V & 24V; 6W @ 5V and 4.5W @ 3.3V for 85°C operation) industrial temperature version.
The so called Ag9900MT modules, as well as the Ag5324 are available from April 2017 onwards for sampling.
Are you interested in the products? Your CODICO contact person or Ivan Mitic will be pleased to help you.

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