Asscon exhibits at the IPC APEX EXPO 2020 in San Diego

by donpedro

In February 2020 Asscon participates in the IPC APEX EXPO 2020 in San Diego. The emphasis will be on the energy saving potential of the Asscon Vapor Phase. In view of the significant increase in energy costs in the future, the company is focusing on the energy saving potential of its inline vacuum Vapor Phase Soldering Systems for the coming year.

“We already highlighted the potential for energy savings through the use of Vapor-Phase at productronica 2019, and the customer response has proven us absolutely right,” explains Axel Wolff, at Asscon GmbH. Ultimately, this is about the CO2 emission permitted worldwide under the Kyoto Protocol. The permission to emit emission is regulated by emission rights. In the future, companies will need these rights in order to release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Here the Vapor Phase Soldering System can offer a crucial advantage because it requires much less energy than today’s reflow ovens. On average, reflow ovens consume between 15 and 22 kW/hour, whereas Asscon’s Vapor Phase Soldering System requires only about 4.5 kW/hour. “These numbers could have a lasting positive effect on the emission rights of companies in the future. We would be happy to use an energy comparison tool to show interested parties the energy savings potential when using the Vapor Phase,” says Wolff. However, the energy saving aspect is not the sole focus for the APEX. “We would like to actively explain to our customers the advantages Vapor Phase technology has to offer. It’s also about process simplification and process stability, void prevention, cost optimization, etc.,” Wolff explains.

Asscon will present Vapor Phase Soldering at booth 801 with its partner A-TEK systems LLC.


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