Aonix PERC Ultra SMP 5.4 from Atego

by donpedro

Atego, the leading independent supplier of industrial-grade, collaborative development tools for engineering complex, mission- and safety-critical architectures, systems, software and hardware, announces the release of Aonix PERC Ultra SMP® 5.4 with support for concurrent multi-processor garbage collection technology. Aonix PERC Ultra SMP responds to the need for multiprocessor and multicore solutions in complex mission-critical embedded and real-time Java™ applications. Atego’s flagship Virtual Machine technology and supporting tool chain, Aonix PERC Ultra® is one of the most deployed embedded and real-time Virtual Machines in the industry and was recently tested and deployed in time-critical applications ranging from the Aegis weapons system on the guided missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill to the in-flight entertainment and cabin management systems on the Cessna Citation CJ4 business jet.

Aonix PERC Ultra SMP adds support to empower large mission-critical systems to more fully utilize multiple processors at peak performance. Aonix PERC Ultra SMP, first introduced in 2008 provided parallel garbage collection (GC), a memory management technique allowing the use of all processors/cores for faster identification and collection of unused objects. A dual quad-core Xeon-based Linux real-time system could collect discarded memory nearly eight times faster than a single-threaded garbage collector but could not run concurrent with other application threads until now.

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