Announcing 863 ~ 865 MHz multi channel wireless audio modules for the European market: Model: WA-TX-03-R / WA-RX-03-R 863 MHz

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Circuit Design, Inc., the leading supplier of low power radio modules, has recently developed and released the WA-TX-03-R and WA-RX-03-R wireless audio modules for the European harmonized 863 ~ 865 MHz audio band.

The WA-TX-03-R / WA-RX-03-R can be set to 15 communication frequency channels within the 863 ~ 865 MHz band. In addition to offering frequency response sufficient for audio transmission, the compander noise reduction system enables wireless transmission of clear sound, with a wide dynamic range of 70 dB or more.

By focusing on simple wireless audio transmission processing functions, the product guarantees the user maximum flexibility in developing higher order software. Handshaking between modules uses only RF channels. So for example, if the modules are embedded in a tour guide system, as long as the channel settings match, there is no limit to the number of receivers used.

Reducing the number of components using dedicated IC has given the product a new multi channel capability without any increase in module size. As embedded modules, they include nearly all the parts necessary for audio transmission in a small shielding case, making it possible to develop audio transmission equipment in a short time.

Features of the WA-TX-03-R / WA-RX-03-R

– R&TTE and RoHS compliant radio modules
– Dynamic range of more than 70 dB thanks to the compander noise reduction system
– Frequency response range 50 Hz ~ 13 kHz
– 15 RF channels with 125 kHz steps
– Variable squelch sensitivity
– High sensitivity receiver
– Compact (36 × 26 × 8 mm) and light (13 g)
– Achieves stable operation with all high frequency circuits required for transmitting and receiving enclosed inside the casing
– Reduced impact of interfering waves from external sources through improved shielding effectiveness


• Audio guiding in museums
• Tour guide systems
• Wireless conference systems
• Voice monitoring systems
• Wireless microphone systems

Circuit Design

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