Analog Devices Announces 10Gbps iCoupler Digital Isolator

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Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced the first in a new series of iCoupler® digital isolators that offers a total bandwidth of 10 Gigabits per second. The ADN4624 digital isolator provides four channels at 2.5Gbps, allowing data to transfer seamlessly in the electrical domain and enabling new system architectures in digital health, instrumentation, and smart industry. The new digital isolator streamlines design and easily integrates isolation for safety or data integrity.  The ADN4624 is a compact solution that meets medical standards and reliably isolates high fidelity video and imaging links, precision analog front ends, and serial interconnects as an alternative to cumbersome and specialized fiber solutions.

The ADN4624 offers simplified connectivity, robust isolation, and data integrity in harsh environments. The new iCoupler digital isolator provides up to 10Gbps total bandwidth in a single, small footprint device, allows for direct isolation of high-speed serial LVDS or CML at full speed, and eliminates the complexity of deserialization. The ADN4624 enables precision timing with ultra-low jitter to deliver full ADC performance and resolution including precision ADC sampling clocks.

ADN4624 Digital Isolator Key Features:

  • 4 channels of 2.5Gbps isolated LVDS
  • Precision timing:  <1 ps rms random jitter and <16 ps skew
  • 7 kV rms isolation and 100 kV/μs CMTI

Pricing and Availability

Product Sample Availability Full Production Price Each Per 1,000 Packaging
ADN4624 NOW NOW $16.50 28-Lead SOIC (Wide, Finer Pitch)


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