Altus Provides Precision Inspection for Advanced Semiconductor Packaging

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Altus Group, a leading distributor of electronics assembly equipment in the UK and Ireland, is enabling manufacturers to adopt advanced semiconductor packaging techniques with Koh Young’s Meister D automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.

As electronics devices demand increasingly sophisticated functionality, they rely on advanced packaging methods such as System-in-Package (SiP), Fan-out wafer-level packaging (FOWLP), and 3D stacking to integrate components in less space while increasing density. However, these innovative configurations also create new inspection challenges. Traditional 2D AOI systems struggle to reliably detect microscopic defects on miniaturised parts.

The Meister D series from Koh Young delivers unprecedented production-speed 3D inspection capabilities tailored for these challenges. This advanced AOI system combines high-resolution 3D measurement with AI-powered defect analysis for precision results. With 25-megapixel camera and 3.5m-micron resolution, it can accurately inspect tiny components down to 0201 metrics, highly reflective and shiny die surfaces, and gaps down to 50 μm to identify micro cracks, chipping and foreign material.

Anthony Oh, Technical Applications Manager at Altus Group, said: “In an era where electronics devices demand increasingly sophisticated functionality and miniaturisation is the norm, the Meister D exceptional true 3D inspection capabilities provide our customers with the precision they need for advanced semiconductor packages. By adopting this cutting-edge AOI, manufacturers gain the process control to confidently implement new techniques that not only enhance their products but also help make devices smarter and more compact.”

The Meister D eight-projector inspection probe provides images from different angles to build a complete 3D profile, overcoming issues like shadowing and compensating for reflective surfaces. The 3D data also enables height and tilt measurement for components, critical for inspection. All these capabilities deliver repeatable, autonomous defect identification, providing significant advantages over traditional 2D AOI.

In addition to the Meister D, Altus also offers the Meister D+ with extra optics innovations designed for highly reflective components. By providing the full Meister series, Altus Group ensures that manufacturers in the UK and Ireland have access to world-class inspection tools tailored for the latest assembly advances.

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