Altus helps Supply Chain Leader to Increase Traceability Efficiency with Quins

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Traceability is not only important to increase supply chain visibility, but it is also essential to improve quality control systems and reduce risk when manufacturing electronics. Vanilla Electronics, leaders in world-class supply-chain and manufacturing services understands its importance and has invested in equipment from Altus to improve efficiency and develop their technical capabilities.

To maintain a high level of traceability and quality assurance in final product inspection, Vanilla has invested in Quins LC20 Pro UV. Quins is a highly flexible system that can be utilised for a variety of inspection processes in electronic manufacturing. This includes New Product Introduction for first article inspection, SMT and conventional assembly as an AOI, and through conformal coating processes as a presence detection. Since its installation, board inspection time has reduced from 60 minutes per board to an impressive 3 minutes eliminating any delay in board conformity and quality.

Connor Flynn, Quality Engineer, Vanilla said: ‘’High quality is critical in offering our customers the level of service that we promise. We are constantly investing in new technologies in order to improve our own efficiencies and to add value to our customers.

“We support full turnkey manufacturing services for our partners and ensuring that we have the best traceability processes in place is part of offering the best manufacturing services available on the market. With the Quins LC20 UV unit, we have increased our inspection efficiency, reduced the time to complete the process significantly and offer full traceability for all products we produce across SMT, conventional assembly and conformal coating processes.”

Through the installation of the Quins system, the quality of the finished product has improved thanks to its impressive capabilities which inspect, capture and record high quality images of every PCBA being produced for traceability purposes. This repeatable and reliable process helps to ensure Vanilla maintain quality and consistency in build.

Joe Booth, Altus Chief Executive Officer added: ‘’Vanilla selecting Quins to support their quality processes is the latest in a range of new customers adopting the system to assist in their inspection and traceability needs in the UK and Ireland.

“We have been very pleased with the immediate impact of Quins and their range of technology which has added a new offering to our inspection portfolio. With this project specifically, it has also been great to work with Vanilla who are on an ambitious growth trajectory and a company I am sure people will hear more about.’’

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