50 percent flatter than standard boards!

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Thin Mini ITX motherboards from ICP Germany are particularly suitable as a basis for panel PCs, display systems, KIOSK systems or particularly flat embedded systems. Due to the extremely flat construction, the industrial design, the long availability as well as the extensive interfaces and the large selection of boards, the use of this form factor is recommended.

The Thin Mini ITX format corresponds to the standard Mini ITX form factor in terms of size and differs primarily in the height and the voltage input. Thin Mini ITX boards usually have horizontally positioned connectors and thus only have about 50% of the height of standard Mini ITX boards. Nevertheless, no savings are made on available interfaces. On the IO Shield there are usually two display connectors, two network connectors, four USB as well as audio and the connector for the power supply. Thin Mini ITX boards are neither equipped with a 24 pin power connector like standard boards nor do they need the usual range of voltages of an ATX board like 3.3V, 5V, 12V, …. Sufficient is a single voltage of 12V or for wide range voltage inputs a voltage between 8 to 24VDC. This voltage can be supplied, to the delight of all developers, either via the 2-pin connector on the front or the 4-pin connector on the board. The advantages are obvious. Less space required and therefore flatter systems, simpler power supply and also less heat development when using external power supplies.

Thin Mini ITX boards from ICP Germany use Intel® processors as the basis for calculations. Boards with Intel® CoreTM processors can be accessed for performance-hungry applications. Boards with Intel® Atom® are available for power-saving applications. Another advantage of using a Thin Mini ITX Board with processor socket is the fixed design of the socket. The socket is always in the same place for generations. This makes the use of heat pipe cooling solutions particularly profitable, as the cooling solution can be reused when the board is changed. Furthermore, extensive EA standard interfaces are available. Several network interfaces, USB, serial interfaces such as RS-232, RS-422 or RS485, display port, HDMI, LVDS or eDP, audio or LPT and PS/2 are some of them. For customer-specific functions, PCI Express slots, M.2 or Mini PCIe can be used for expansion. Standard storage media like 2.5″ or mSATA solid state disks can be connected to SATA ports, mSATA or M.2 slots. To secure the system, the boards offer a pin header for Trusted Platform Modules.

Compliance with Class B limits helps developers to design their system. The use of a Thin Mini ITX board from ICP thus leads quickly and easily to an industrial system to realize a variety of applications.

Thin Mini-ITX Mainboards

• Thin Mini ITX Boards

• Panel PC
• Display systems
• Kiosk, POS and retail systems
• slot machines
• Digital Signage
• HMI and GUI
• Embedded systems
• Diagnostic systems

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