Wurth Electronics Webinars Receive Exclusive Sponsorship

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In partnership with Digi-Key Electronics, Wurth Electronics offers web-based seminarsImage source: Wurth Electronics

Wurth Electronics in the United States is pleased to announce Digi-Key Electronics as the exclusive sponsor of their 2019 technical WEbinars.

“Over the last several years, our educational webinars have become increasingly popular. Our goal is to educate any person who is willing to learn about electronics and technology, and we believe this partnership with Digi-Key Electronics will help,” says Amelia Thompson, Marketing and Communications Coordinator at Wurth Electronics. “Because our webinars are hosted by our own engineers and direct sales team, we can show everybody that ‘Technically, WE are better’.”

Over the past 10 years, Wurth Electronics has tripled the number of presented webinars per year; some of which are offered in multiple languages. Thompson is hoping the new partnership with Digi-Key Electronics helps to grow not only the attendance rate, but also the number of future webinars hosted by Wurth Electronics.

“We’re looking forward to exclusively sponsoring the webinars with Wurth Electronics. These sessions will allow design engineers to have access to the content required to actively utilize Wurth Electronics components in their design activity,” said David Stein, VP, Global Supplier Management at Digi-Key. “The combination of Wurth Electronics’ brand within the engineering community, as well as our vast inventory and industry-leading website, has resulted in a very strong partnership over the years.”

The next Wurth Electronics WEbinar, “Avoid Flyback Transformer Design with REDEXPERT – Powered by Digi-Key Electronics,” will be presented on April 17th, 2019.

Registration is available at www.we-online.com/webinars.

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