TDR Puts a Spotlight on High Tech After Sales Services at Electronica

by donpedro

TDR, a leading global company in dedicated repair, engineering and assembly solutions in the telecom and industrial automation markets, is preparing to put the spotlight on its innovative services. TDR will be showcasing its high-tech services at Electronica, Munich, Germany, from 13th to 16th November, Hall B1, Booth 516 with a focus on the many advantages of implementing a full and comprehensive after-sales service.

With repair and assembly sites located in Estonia, Finland and Russia, and an experienced team boasting more than two decades of specialising in designing, building and repairing a wide range of telecommunications and industrial automation products, TDR will once again present its innovative solutions at the Electronica.

“As the world leading trade fair for electronic components, systems and applications, Electronica is an important exhibition for TDR. It is the perfect platform in which to highlight our services and present why it is essential to select an experienced after-sales partner,” explained Tuomo Rekila, CEO at TDR.

Unfortunately, electronic assembly is not fault-free and reliable. It doesn’t matter how many procedures are put in place, or how much planning is undertaken, malfunction is inherently a reality in telecom and industrial manufacture. With this in mind, repair and assembly are an essential service to retain lean manufacturing. OEM’s and ODM’s need to focus on their core functions, not on after-sales services like repair and testing. New ideas are required to stay ahead of competition, this is why the leading players in the professional electronic industries are looking for and implementing after sales services which complement their offering and ensure a successful life-cycle for their products.

“After sales services are identified as a key driver for growth and profitability. Outsourcing the after sales services is now a standard procedure for many and one which is growing. Many companies do not have the expertise or facilities to provide an efficient and financially viable service. By employing a company like TDR  which has the technical know-how, after-sales services including repair and testing can run seamlessly and increase the agility of operations.”

TDR has assembling units and systems with both special and standard solutions. This allows the delivery of tailored electrical and mechanical assembly services and the use of an extensive partner network for the procurement of sub-assemblies and components.

Although telecoms is a core sector, the industrial area is a growing part of TDR, where they work on repairing, upgrading and assembling electronics units and industrial automation units. Aside from this principal part of TDR, engineering services like reverse engineering, product comparisons and specification checks are also becoming a major part of the business.


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